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Field Test

The event “Field Test” took place from a foothill in the Silvermines Mountains and was screened online on Tuesday 19th of May and Wednesday 20th of May 2020.
It was a programme of over thirty short moving image works, films and performances to camera.

Aideen had the idea of remoteness, disconnection and a communal need to convey pieces of work by students.

Pieces were submitted from students of the Fine Art programmes of Limerick School of Art & Design, Virginia Commonwealth University and Edinburgh School of Art, The University of Edinburgh.

This was a presentation over 2 nights shown on a 16 x foot cinematic screen.

This “pop up” installation acts as a kind of ode to the “drive-in cinema” but is not accessible by anyone due to the confinement caused by Covid-19.

Field Test Part I
Field Test Part II

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